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    I asked for and received a Welcome to BullHide Belts - belt for Christmas. As no one here had mentioned them in the belt threads I thought you may be interested in learning a little about them.

    I bought the 1.5", black belt with the decorative silver buckle. I called them ahead of time and asked about the belt construction. They explained that they use a single piece of US bullhide which measures .25" thick. I asked about why they don't use 2 1/8" pieces stitched and glued together and they explained that they felt like a single piece of leather was significantly more robust than 2 pieces attached in any fashion. This seems logical to my simple way of thinking.

    They use Chicago screws to attach the buckle which allows you to change buckles easily should you desire to do so.

    I went with the 1.5" belt with decorative stitching (stitched thru). It arrived in about 5 days and was packaged in a USPS small priority box.

    The belt is incredibly stiff and appears to be very well constructed. It fit perfectly as I used the sizing instructions on the web page. It is finished very nicely without being at all overstated. I cannot imagine ever needing another black belt for any purpose. I don't know how you could ever damage this belt without firing a rifle round at it. I think it would stop a small caliber pistol round (I'm not kidding) Any of the holsters I have (OWB or IWB) are very well secured to the belt when wearing it.

    I have several other leather belts and this one compares very favorably to anything I have now. It is built far beyond anything I have now and I believe it to be a very good value from my limited perspective. I intend to order another in brown color.

    Hope this helps.

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    I had one of their money belts and loved it. I lost the belt well left in a hotel room never to be recovered.

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    Good looking belt. I have an A&G that uses Chicago screws for the buckle, keep an eye on them as they tend to loosen up occasionally. I check mine every couple weeks to keep them tight.
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    The Chicago screws in my belt kept coming loose so I threw some red loktite on them! Don't plan on changing the buckle anytime soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreytSilly View Post
    Good looking belt. I have an A&G that uses Chicago screws for the buckle, keep an eye on them as they tend to loosen up occasionally. I check mine every couple weeks to keep them tight.
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