The following rules apply to all of the for sale and wanted forums.

The following rules apply to all of the For Sale and Wanted** forums.

1. You must have at least 50 posts on the forum before making a for sale thread. If you make a bunch of useless posts to increase your post count all of your posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the site without warning.
** You may post in the Wanted section with fewer than 50 posts.

2. Do not post (or ask for) any illegal items for sale, including but not limited to (this means the list can change and even if something isn't listed here it may still get you banned )
a. Non-SAFE compliant AR-15 style firearms or anything else that falls under the NY State 'Assault Weapon' ban. This includes but isn't limited to firearms with features such as a detachable magazine, threaded barrel, pistol grip, etc.
c. Handguns with threaded barrels
d. Magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds

3. MUST HAVES: All items MUST include an asking price. If it is an item for trade, an approximate value or list of items that you would trade for is required. Face to Face sales of firearms MUST include a potential FFL you can use to have the required NICS check performed along with any additional cost to the new owner. Your listing MUST also indicate if you are offering shipping on your item. If you want people to email you, you must leave contact information posted in your thread as users cannot email you directly through the forum

Any listings without required information included will be removed without notice.

4. No "thread crapping" or unnecessary comments in marketplace listings. Acceptable posts might be "Pm sent" or "I'll take it" or any direct question to the seller to which the answer might be of benefit to all prospective buyers. If your post does not meet these criteria, DO NOT post in the thread or you risk losing access to the marketplace sections of the forum without notice. Sale threads are NOT discussion threads.

This includes making public offers on price and trades. Please PM ALL offers, whether it be a dollar amount or a trade.

5. Make sure the location listed in your profile is up to date /or/ remember to list your approximate location in the marketplace listing.

6. Do not "bump" your thread to the top of the forum more than once every 3 days.

7. If your item has sold please edit the thread prefix to "Done:" To do this, edit your original post and then click "go advanced" to get to the prefix editor. If more than 30 days have passed you cannot edit your thread. In this case Please PM a moderator or use the report function on the post.

8. If an item has sold, do not delete the text or title of the listing so returning users who come back looking for it can find it and iTrader feedback/rating can be established.

9. Follow all state, federal and local laws and regulations regarding the sale of firearms.

10. Use a descriptive title. "Rifle for sale" is not descriptive. "26" barrel Remington 700 in .308" is descriptive. Failure to use a descriptive listing title may result in it's removal without further notice.

11. Failure to complete a sale/trade/purchase once an agreement between buyer and seller is established may result in loss of access to the marketplace sections of the forum. It may also result in a temporary or permanent ban from all of the forums. We understand things can happen but we also intend to protect our members as best we can from any disreputable persons or practice. Do not commit to any deal that you do not intend to follow through with to completion.

12. All items listed in the marketplace for sale must be personally owned items by individual sellers, not businesses. Commercial or Dealer sales are not allowed in marketplace by those without Vendor status. If you wish to list commercial sales or advertise your business or wares you must first contact an admin or contact us through the contact form for information about becoming a Vendor / Site sponsor.

13. does not take any responsibility for any items bought or sold on the forum. It is up to you to research price, describe items accurately and work out all transactions. With that said, if you are cheated please bring it immediately to the attention of a Moderator or Admin either via PM or using the report post function with a detailed description of what happened.