S&W 459 Questions

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    Default S&W 459 Questions

    I was looking for some feedback and opinions on the 459. I have the opportunity to pick one up, and dont know much about them. The gun looks to be in great condition. I had been looking around for a 39xx or 908 single stack and ran across this one at the local shop. Grip isnt as bulky as I had expected so I am considering it as an alternative.
    Anyone have any experience with them? Thoughts on using it as a carry gun. Any idea on a fair price? The asking price with 3 magazines is $425.


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    I carried 59/459 for a few years when assigned to SWAT. I liked it a lot, carried well and wasn't too large for off duty either. Probably draw some fire but IMHO the S&W 59 is much better than the current plastic toys metal rules! We eventually tested various "new" autos SIG, Berretta, and Glocks and went for...Third generation 659's with Novaks night sights, go figure. My worse mistake was not buying the pistol when I retired.

    Price isn't too bad a little high but you are getting a couple magazines included. If you can talk it down do so, would make a good deal better.


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