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    Just passing along some info. There's a new group "Dedicated to removing the negative stigma surrounding the modern crossbow" You can find them at Log In | Facebook or A little bit on why I'm passing this along, I've been bow hunting for 22 years now. Last year I had two shoulder surgeries and still have two torn tendons in my shoulder which can not be repaired. Hence I can no longer draw my Mathews Drenlin. I have looked into the draw loc which in turn makes my bow a vertical crossbow instead of horizontal whats the difference? Safety is my main concern. If anyone knows how to post those as links for i do not yet, that would be greatly appreciated. Also the was a good article written by Ed Noonan Schenectady Daily Gazette 2-23-12. Thank you in advance for the support!

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    I would say negative crossbow opinion is at an all time low now that it's legal to use for hunting in most areas of NY although I don't know why they don't allow them to be used during bow season, only during firearms.
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    The reason they do not allow them during regular bow season is due to misconception and ignorance. The Sportsman's club that I belong to had banned crossbows from all club properties. When the State approved crossbows for use during the gun season the club relented to allow them during the gun season on club properties. But if you want to practice at the ranges it is a different story. Originally they were only going to allow them on the rifle range, but discussion is ongoing about using the Archery range. The Member in charge of the archery range has proposed that crossbows be allowed only on certain lanes, that a berm be installed to stop errant "arrows" and that the regular archery targets not be used.
    I had a lengthy conversation with this individual and learned that he really knows nothing about crossbows. First off let me state that I do not even own a crossbow, so I do not have a dog in this fight. But what I do have is over 40 years of bow hunting and competitive archery experience.
    People get caught up in the statements concerning draw weights. Crossbows have 150# draw weights so they must be super powerful seems to be the general idea. What they do not realize is that cross bows are very inefficient with their short limbs and a bolt that travels down a rail. The FPS and kinetic energy of most cross bows is mostly equivalent to modern Compound bows.
    I went on to share that during the mid to late 70's I remember the outrage against Compound bows. Stick bow archers at the time fought tooth and nail against allowing compounds during the archery season. Those bows will ruin the sport, they are too powerful and so easy to shoot that anyone can use one. They will take all the sport out of archery hunting was the cry of the day. Sound familiar?
    Information and education is the only thing that will help to change the negative mindset.
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    The only advantage they have is the deer will not be able to catch you drawing,thats all IMO!!!!!!They should be allowed but its the greedy archery hunters that think someone might actually shoot there deer fighting against it....

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    Very well put sir. A friend of mine and I just took our hunting safety course this past year and I'm looking to add the archery course to that so I can bow hunt this year. The crossbow dilemma was brought up during the rifle course and it caught our attention in a similar manner that you just stated. A lack of knowledge and experience in the area in regards to the bow itself.
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