First of all, things are not going well for the scumbag anti-2A incumbments, John Morse and Angela Giron. They've lost at every turn in trying to block this recall, and now more bad news for them: Last election, 60-65% of ballots in these districts were mailed in. This time, no mail-in ballots will be allowed, a ruling which heavily favors the motivated base of the challengers.

Colorado Senators Suffer Another Legal Setback In Recall Challenge | RedState

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Bernie Herpin: "In the Navy and Air Force, Bernie took an oath to defend our Constitutional rights. Not only has Bernie lived up to that oath by serving our nation; he helped found the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition and served as our past president."

Bernie Herpin - Running for Senate District 11

George Rivera: “I have 34 years of experience in law enforcement. You can pass all the gun control laws you want, but criminals will do what they want to do,” Rivera said, explaining why he is opposed to the gun control legislation.

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