Ok it always good to reflect back on what's happen and discuss the facts.
After 1yr what positive has it done? Its been harder on Honest Citizens not criminal's.
The need for necessity Cuomo used was than & Now uncalled for, a lie to push there agenda.
Ok Registration is not the Numbers they wanted.
The Court did not give Pro2nd & Progun Groups "We The People" Our Day in Court for equal Justice, relief from Safe Act.
We Need to watch our brethren In CT to see Enforcement, How, What & WHO, We could learn from this as it unfolds.
Who is Not with NY'ers ? Not The State Police, DHS, any NYS Government Agency, Nor has The Federal Government.
Who is with Us Pro groups, NYS Clerks, NYS sheriff's, Counties Towns Villages that passed Resolutions. Many others.
Ok if you held Stock in Gun Companies you Made & making Money.
Safe Act has caused Job Loss not Gain
His Kingship told who he wanted out of the OUR state.
We Showed we will stick together, Rally, Protest, Money, More if Needed, WE need to make sure we do no matter what.
We have one more shot at Court Justice, the 4/16/2014 Court date. The Max/ Shooter Case.
We all need to Vote & get others out to Vote, Send a Message Cast the Vote that can set us up for better times.
Last but not least remember we are not criminal's or Gun nuts, but the Law is Unjust & unconstitutional made up by nuts.
We have behaved peacefully, Rallied & Protest, all of us have showed we are Respectful, responsible, not nut jobs. Just passionate about having our rights infringed, we are tired of the BS.
Its Cuomo's Move, Lets watch CT. Cuomo will do worse.
Please add, post Facts missed and where do you think this is going. Choices we have.