Streamlight PT 2L Flashlight
By Chris Fry

Last week I received a Streamlight PT 2L LED flashlight. I had heard good things about the PT1 AA from Streamlight but did not like the low output of the PT1 (40 Lumens) so opted for the PT 2L. In my experience, hand held lights run on AA batteries do not have the run-time that lithium battery lights do nor the output. The 2L runs on (2) Lithium 123 batteries and provides a max output of 180 lumens with a run time of 2.5 hours on max output. The 2L offers three specific settings, high, low (18 lumens) and strobe via the clickie tail cap. I kind of wish these settings could be adjusted in some other way than the tail cap but for the price of $45 + shipping for a 180 lumen multi-setting LED light I cannot really complain. READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW HERE