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    Default Information on old bayonet

    A friend of mine had a family member pass away. He was in his 70's and collected quite a bit of stuff. I found this in his storage and am trying to find any information on it. Only similar bayonet I have found was a Chassepot. The blade is very similar, but the hilt and guard seems pretty different.

    Photo's should be attached.

    Thanks for any help and information folks!
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    More cool stuff!!

    It's on that site, pretty sure it is a French Chassepot, it's like an auction listing:

    This next item is a good French Model 1866 "Chassepot" bayonet for the Rifled Infantry Musket. One of the first bolt action arms. This bayonet was manufactured from 1866 to about 1874 and was replaced by the French Model 1874 "Gras" bayonet. This bayonet is brass hilted with a spring latching arrangement on the right side. The crossguard is iron (steel) and has a screw-type tightening arrangement on the muzzle-ring. The lower quillon is a hooked "blade-breaker" type. The blade is steel, single-edged, fullered on both sides with a re-curved or 'yataghan-shape.: There is french writting on the spline of the blade with the date 1867. There are serial numbers on the bayonet and the sheath but they don't match although this is the correct scabbard for this bayonet. There is a 'strike' mark on one side of the grip but just adds to the character of the piece. Nice! $125.00

    seems you are missing the scabbard, or perhaps it just isn't picture. Either way cool piece of history.
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    Yeah, there wasn't a scabbard and it looks like it is missing some pieces in the hilt. The curve on the guard was the piece throwing me off because it didn't seem bent enough. At least I can try to narrow down some timeline now.

    Thanks a bunch Dystrukto!

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