Fulton County....Always Amazes Me

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    Default Fulton County....Always Amazes Me

    Fulton County is pretty laid back with how they deal with permits. Some of the things the Civil Office does just amaze me.

    Quite a few years ago when I had my restrictions lifted I proudly walked into the CO with my letter from the judge and asked to have my restrictions removed from my permit. The woman took my permit, walked over to her desk and just took out a pen and crossed out the restrictions line, handed it back to me and asked for her three dollars. Umm thanks, yeah thats going to fly if someone questions me.

    Today I had two pistols put on my permit. I have the old kind and they are running out of room to type new entries. They run down the sides, above the text, through my thumbprint, etc. Well the CO clerk must have given up on trying to fit them in there, so she just wrote over the top of the typed ones with pen. Maybe thats their way of trying to get me to finally cave in and get the new plastic permit?

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    Before they went the the card type here in Cortland County, back when we had what you have now, once the slots on the permit were filled they made a green paper with your name and permit number on the top with more lines to list the additional pistols. The only problem was the ink they used would stick to what ever else you had it next to in your wallet. I folded it up with my permit, months later when I took it out I had a hell of a time getting the permit and that paper separated so I cut a piece of plastic and put in between, well that kept it off the permit but it still glued to the plastic, I had to go back and get a new one made.

    I like the new plastic card, it's fast when you make a change. they enter the info into the system and it just spits you out new card or cards, depending on how many handguns you own.

    The card has your photo and this little tiny digital thumbprint on it, I don't know what use that thumbprint is to them out in the field because it really is small. I know they have my finger prints on file anyways, at both the local and federal level. I forgotten how many times I've been printed over the years now, you would think once they have them that's enough, just big brother don't ya know. I hope this national carry card law goes through, but I doubt it. Not when the Dems are looking for their "jobs" bills to be passes, bad time to be trying to pass gun laws.

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    Don't complain about dumb Fulton County practices when one county over, Montgomery, I have to take a CLASS about how to FILL OUT THE PERMIT APPLICATION! You don't get your app until you go to the class. NO safety whatsoever, just HOW TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION. I'll admit though, in getting my degree I never did have to go to "Reading 101(p)- How to fill out a standard legal form." :/
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