Ulster County Pistol Permit

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    Thumbs up Ulster County Pistol Permit

    Hi All,

    Here is the latest on the CC permit in Ulster County DECEMBER 2011.

    July 2011 Dropped off Application
    November 2011 Received a letter for Interview
    December 2011 Interviewed by Hon. Judge Cahill, got approved for a FULL CARRY.

    I have no arrest record, not even a traffic ticket ever.

    Now waiting for a letter from the Judge and the rest of the process. Hopefully it will be my Christmas Present. I will update when I pick up my Pistol.

    There are three Supreme Court Judges in Ulster County. Your application will go to either one of them.

    1. Hon. Judge Cahill ( He approved mine )
    2. Hon. Judge Gilpatric ( Also Require Interview)
    3. Hon. Judge Williams ( Does not require interview but requires a letter to explain the need of CCW )

    I say from my experience that it will take from A to Z about 7 months. Its looks and feels a long time but believe me time will fly. I am glad I got a Full Carry. Its all worth it. No complains. Its important to make sure only the right people are getting the permit. If all criminals get to carry freely without this process there will be far more crimes. This process makes all the criminals think twice to apply. They cannot just go to the store and pick up one. I personally think this process is a must. I am a family man and would like safety for myself and my family. I dont want to see the guns in criminals hands. Now if they still have it without the permit then they are breaking the law. Please do not comment if you have anything negative to say about NY. I love NY and dont mind following the lengthy process to obtain the permit. At the end I am happy that I can carry. Good Luck to everyone in Ulster County who has applied. For those who want to apply in Ulster County I will give you a tip, Just be honest and you will get it.

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    Congrats thumbs up! I got my full carry from Judge Cahil also, no interview and no request was made for full carry I was surprised to get full carry.

    I also don't have a problem with the process in NY to get a hand gun it not all bad.

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    Update : FEB 2012 received my permit. A total of 7 months from start to finish. (Could have received earlier but there was a delay because of the Holidays). Its worth the wait, at the end I am grateful and happy that I have a legal handgun and able to carry. No Problem following the procedures and laws. I LOVE NY.
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    I also got mine from cahill. 2007. Never took safety course nor had interview. Got a phone call from Maureen to go buy a pistol lol. I love Maureen!

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    Maureen does a great job.

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