Picked up permit application in Chemung County

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    Default Picked up permit application in Chemung County

    I picked up my permit application today. The application fee was $15.00. I had to go to the Horseheads Police Department for the background check. That doesn't cost anything. They told me it will take about 5 business days. I was told all applicants in Chemung County are sent to the Horseheads PD for the background check. She told me why, but honestly I can't remember what she said. LOL! I was told that the clerk that handles the permit applications just resigned and now a deputy is pulling double duty with his normal responsibilities and dealing with the permit applications. he is retiring from the sheriff's office soon and will just handle permits. So I have a feeling things will go a bit slow. For the fingerprints, they contract with L1 Solutions. I just have to make an appointment and they do them electronically. The fee is $105.50.

    As far as character references I have to have four. They do not have to be from Chemung County. They can be from out of state. They just have to sign the application form. That means I would have to mail the application to them and have them sign it and mail it back.

    Everything is pretty straight forward. Fill out the application, get fingerprinted and wait, and wait, and wait. I do have something in my past that does concern me, but the only way to know is to go through the process. I'll post the progress here as time goes on.

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    Yea, good luck with getting it. I wasn't too happy about all the fees, especially the fingerprinting fee for $105. So far I believe I've spent around $175 in fees. I could have bought a surplus pistol for that much....

    Anyways, I submitted my paperwork in January. It is now April, and I'm still waiting. Could they be any slower?

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    ^ Fingerprint fee's are basically the same in all of NY. Dutchess is 105.25

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