Ulster County Concealed Carry Permit question?

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    Default Ulster County Concealed Carry Permit question?

    Hello Gents, Im new here and am a life long hunter and have decided its time for me to get my pistol permit. I was recomended this site to help me get my concealed carry permit in the county of Ulster. This certainly looks like the place.
    So what do I have to say as far as the reason for why I should be issued a full carry permit, I realize that I just cant sit in front of the judge or sheriff and say "yea I want full carry just because". What do I need to do. Just to let you folks know, Im a law abiding citizen in my mid 50s with not so much as a speeding ticket on my record, perfectly clean and I have no mental health issues and am also an upstanding member of my community.
    Thanks in advance for any help folks......Mike

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    Be honest. When you submit application you should also submit a letter explaining why. I never had to sit in front of a judge; judge Williams got my app, read the letter and I have CCW.

    Do you own your own business and carry large sums of cash? Do you enjoy hiking on trails and have run into potentially sick or rabid animals? Have a good looking daughter that just started dating? No, no, don't put that. It's Rediculous that we have to justify asking for what the constitution said we should have already but that's a whole other thread.

    Is not just one reason, think about all the reasons. Protection of your family and yourself as well as target a hunting if you do so. You may get restricted right off the bat and judge will say for you to take an 8 or 10 course and come back in 6months for full carry.

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