Orleans County questions?

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    Default Orleans County questions?

    I live in Orleans County, right near the Monroe County line, but work in Rochester.
    My neighbor just got his permit not too long ago, and was describing some of the restrictions.
    The one I'm most concerned about is the reference requirements.

    He and his girlfriend have already agreed to be references for me, so that's two, but do all four references have to be Orleans County residents? I only moved here a few years ago, so other than family, I don't really know anyone in the County.
    All my friends and co-workers are Monroe County residents.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    *yes, I will be going and talking to the Sheriff and/or County Clerk as soon as I can get time off.

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    I had some guys that live in Rochester that I used for references .They shoot at Holley Gun Club. I had to see Sheriff Hess for and interview in Albion. They didnt call these people that I used for references. I just move here from Norhtern Ireland living in Kent. Ask the county clerk in the pistol office about this. I for got here name . The Lady is very helpful to me . Every thing should go well. It will take about roughly 3 months to get the pistol permit. You will have to do a saftey course with the Sheriff Office this will take about 3 hours in the night. If you need any help pm and will gave you my phone number to help you out.

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