Hey....I just blew the rest of my gun budget (like I had one) for the year, maybe two..lol

I bought one of the Mitchell Mausers from one of my fellow instructors that gets them once in a while. I got it more as a nostalgic piece, and will probably never or rarely shoot it. I think I will just research as much as possible about it. I know it was made in 1939 from the date stamp, it has three of one version of riechmark eagles on one side of the receiver and two different ones on the other. I'll look into seeing if that means anything special or not. The rifle is clean and in good condition and comes with a certificate of proveneance. I want to go further and see what factory tooled it up, maybe where it was issued, where it saw, if any, action, and so on. I know that the Germans kept meticulous records, but I doubt I can find out a l ot but you never know.

I've got a new hobby!!!

Does anyone else have one? If so, what were your experiences with it? Ever look into the history? I think this one will be hung and bolted to my wall as a display just because it is a very nice looking rifle.