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    Default Full length sizing

    How are you guys setting up your full length sizing dies?

    My dilemma is that I am reloading 30-06 for multiple rifles. I understand the optimally you would use a case gage and measure a fired case, and bump the shoulder back a few thousands. But I want one setup that will work for multiple rifles. Would I just go to SAAMI minimum specs? Or would I see which rifle has the tightest (shortest) chamber and use its measurements?

    To make a long story short I was setting up the full length die, using the die manufacturers instructions for my M1 Garand, The problem occured when I was shooting my new to me 1903, and the bolt was really tough to close. I thought I was just having COAL problems but it turns out to be case shoulder related.

    After tweaking the Die I have it set up so the 1903's bolt closes easily on a empty case. But now Im afraid the headspace is too short for the garand (which is currently getting a new barrel due to a worn out bore)

    I use two of the rifles for Match shooting ( A M1, and a 1903) so accuracy is important.
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    The answer is to separate the brass for each rifle, then neck size the brass that has been shot from each rifle, then trim cases to fit each rifle. If accuracy is your game then you need to have cases that fit the chamber. The less things move around, the tighter the grouping will be.

    Match bullets, better powder measuring, trigger job, bedding the rifle into the stock, there are plenty of articles to be read on being more accurate.

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    If accuracy is important, you may want to have selected cases for each. Say military cases for one and whatever commercial maker you want for the other. For the bolt rifle, you could even use a neck sizer, a save the FL sizer for when they no longer chamber easily.
    Of course, if you are just shooting >0.5 MOA, just FL size them all and watch for case head separation, like you do any way.

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    Most "RBCS" dies want you to bring the "RCBS" shell holder so it contacts the die and the press cams over. Their dies are made to produce the correct length from the datum diameter to the case head. In other words, a case sized to SAAMI case headspace specs. If not you may have a Monday or Friday made die set. They are generally extremely good. When in doubt make sure your equipment matches. I use mismatched dies/shell holders but I use a case gage as well.

    A case gage will tell you if your ammo is in spec. A rule from long ago was to FL size for semi-autos. For a bolt firearm, if the brass was previously fired in that rifle neck sizing is good and saves on brass. If fired in an unknown firearm definitely FL size before firing in either rifle.

    You didn't mention how much the difference between the 2 rifles is but it sounds like a lot. I mean it falls in the Garand and tight in the '03. Has the headspace in the '03 ever been checked. If the barrel was ever changed it could have been replaced with a barrel that was short chambered. While I have never seen a short chambered GI '03 barrel I have heard they exist. The Garand headspace could be long too.

    Hope I helped.

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