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Thread: Beginning to reload

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    Default Beginning to reload

    I would like to start reloading my own ammunition, but Iím unsure as to what manufactures equipment to get. Iím leaning towards a Dillon precision setup because they appear to be more user friendly and adaptable to change calipers.
    What do you all think I should start with? Where can I look for classes on reloading, the range I go to doesnít teach that.

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    What calibers do you want to reload?
    Dillon has great warranty/ service. I love my SDB.

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    Dillon for sure. I reload 9mm and .45ACP. had my loader since 1991 and never a problem.

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    Another Dillon Vote.

    I just have to say reloading is not for every one. You really have to be be anal about every thing you do. if you slip up too light a load, to large a load, Machine out of adjustment and you don't seat the head enough, Primers not dropping correct,All could cause a catastrophic explosion, All that being said. I own a dillon 650 only because of the extra station to instal a powder alarm.

    I purchased mine from Master class in Monroe and they set it up on a bench and I sat in front of my machine and got a lesson in reloading in there shop and made my own ammo and then got to shoot it on there range. I cant say enough about Master class as a place to purchase a machine.

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    First, have you ever reloaded anything before, rifle, pistol, shotgun with a friend or other shooters?
    Progressive machines are great but for a neophyte/novice I would suggest simple single stage setup to get started and learn the basics.
    There is a science to reloading, not just dumping powder and jamming a bullet into the case.
    Second, pick up a good manual and read through the steps. I've always liked Sierra's but there are plenty of others.
    Get an inexpensive starter kit, all the mfrs such as RCBS, Hornady, Lyman, Lee, et al, make them.
    Buy small quantities of powder, bullets, primers until you find loads you like.
    Have a quiet, clean area setup to reload. Keep distractions, interruptions at a minimum. That's how dangerous mistakes are made.
    Repetition is the key. Follow the same procedure every time you sit down to load. Always finish what you start.
    Don't fill half the cases with powder then walk away to finish later.
    After you are comfortable with the process and understand the requirements and science THEN consider a progressive.
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    I agree with the Dillon Square deal rec's. You will not be sorry. Good Luck.

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    Dillon is the high cost option. A good option, but high cost.
    A progressive press should be a well-thought out decision by one who has reloaded for several years and knows what features they NEED. Once you get a progressive and lo load several different cartridges, you end up with shell plates and stuff that will keep you from changing. Also, the SDB is best used as a one-cartridge only press.
    The Lee Challenger single-stage press kit is a great place to start.
    Unless you are shooting over 100 rounds a week, a progressive is not needed and, if you start with a kit, you learn what you like and can always sell off or keep if you decide as back-up or just depriming and bulge-busting, if you really need to up production.

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