Well I want to start reloading rifle.. it will be my first attempt at reloading rifle. I have reloaded handgun 20 years ago but have long sold that off. So I will start with a Lee Turret press.

What I want is accurate ammo. After all if I just wanted plinking ammo I would just by American Eagle in bulk or similar.

looking to get sub MOA groups. Using my new Odin Works DMR 18 inch barrel 1-8 twist 223 wydle.

Iam thinking in the 60 to 70 grain weight bullet. With Varget Powder as it seem like a many use that powder plus local shop has it in stock.

Not sure on Primers or the actual bullet.

I see Sierra MatchKing Bullets 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 69 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail bullets
BUT wow there like 23 to 30 cents a bullet. Can you get good results with a less costly bullet or is it just not possible?

Maybe some recommendations on bullets is what iam after. For 223 rem of course.

Plus primers? CCI?

I need a starting point.

Any help appreciated.