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    Default Loading data for Power Pistol

    When you can find data for a load, it works great but I'm having trouble finding a recipe for 200 grain full copper jacket round nose bullets from X-Treme. I can find JHP loads all day but not this one. I've been to the Power Pistol website and there's nothing there that will match. Why is it so hard to find PP data? This is for 45acp...
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    As long as you start at the start load, use the JHP load data.
    Call Alliant.
    Note: I seem to remember that Alliant only shows max loads on their web site, so lower the max load by 90% (i.e., multiply max load by 0.9) to get start load.
    PS: I'll bet your copper jacket bullets are really PLATED, and they usually use LEAD bullet data. With plated bullets, if you use jacketed bullet data, you are usually instructed to work up load from start to mid-range and NOT to work up to max load. Check with Xtreme for their load recommendations.


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