Can you easily replace a pistol grip for a English grip?

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    Default Can you easily replace a pistol grip for a English grip?

    So I saw that and thought it looked awesome. But with the stock and grip how they are, you’d have to go the fixed mag route. Which seems like bigger pain in the ass than normal.

    Do they sell easily converted parts to make this compliant?

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    You’d need to find out if it accepts standard ar-15 parts.
    if you fixe the mag the reciever is obviously wider so no fixed mag part that I know of would work. You’d have to have a machine shop make the part for you.

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    Just from looking at pictures, it seems that it's a standard pistol grip, so it's possible a Thordsen stock would fit and make it possible to get it into compliance.
    The Gen 2 might be a safer bet as it doesn't fit as closely to the buffer tube, so since that's non-standard on that rifle, it will have a better chance of fitting.
    You'd have to remove the standard stock, which is probably doable, or take a saw to the parts in the way.
    You would also have to ditch the muzzle devices and replace with a pinned thread protector or similar.
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    It’s a proprietary stock with side by side buffer tube so using a thordsen may depend on if you can use two pistol length buffer tubes on there. It looks like they should fit. Most of the lower parts are standard AR parts. Pistol grip IS AR. The mags look like they are PMags ganged together so if it’s considered one mag it would mean the total capacity is perhaps legally split between the two sides. No details on the mag release but it looks like it may only be gripping one mag of the ganged set. It takes a right handed and a left handed bolt carrier. I’d like to see it with the handguard removed. It’s gas impingement but I’d like to see or know if it takes standard barrels. I seriously doubt it since they are independently calibrated. After a quick search I found this vid that goes into some info on the parts, shows some detail on the rifle and talks about the problems it may have. It worth looking at..

    Other details are that the rifle is 11lbs. Since you can’t have the Foregrip it may make it not only heavy but alkward to hold. If you have short fingers it’s stated that reaching across both triggers evenly is a problem. The barrels need to be calibrated prior to sighting in. There is one charging handle so if you clear a round on one side you’re ejecting one on the other side as well.
    I’m sure there are more details out there and a manufacturer website.

    Despite it’s being unique and has that certain cool factor I’d personally rate it poorly in a real world SHTF scenario.

    I would also look closely at the BATF letter before owning this here in the evil Empire State.
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