Vermont Gun Shows?

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    Default Vermont Gun Shows?

    Their closest venue seems to be Rutland. I have emailed them, not even the courtesy of a reply...

    Any experience with this group? Like how many tables generally, and is it equally divided between guns and knives?

    Can a long-gun be purchased in VT with NICS, or will it have to go through a NYS FFL, adding shipping and transfer fees?

    I don't want to waste time and gas if the shows are a dud.

    I've gotten disenchanted with both Saratoga (R.I.P.?) and Albany shows...I have a disability and simply can't stand in line for over an hour waiting to get doesn't matter what time you arrive, there is always a long would think they would wise-up and have multiple lines to purchase tickets, and last time at Saratoga the line went around the block the time I got in, I couldn't stay long.

    Please share experiences with these VT shows...

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    I've been to a Rutland gun show, not as large as Saratoga but I liked it. There wasn't a long line to get in and it's refreshing to see how people buy pistols with no hassles in a free state. The vendors are careful not to sell NY'ers forbidden items.
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    That's unfortunate.

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    You can legally purchase a long gun from an out of state FFL and leave with it. If you purchase a hand gun they have to ship it to a NY FFL for you to pick up.

    They can only sell you what is legal for you to possess in NY. You can not buy a firearm from a private individual.
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