Looking for Guidance to Steel Shooting Challenges?

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    Default Looking for Guidance to Steel Shooting Challenges?

    Good morning all,

    I am fairly knew to handgun shooting and quickly becoming an avid range goer. As much as I like to going to the range, put some tight groupings together into paper and honing in on my techniques and skills, I am gaining much more interest in shooting challenges.

    Looking for a push in the right direction. Nothing crazy, I am mainly looking for stuff a novice shooter like myself could get into and have fun and work even more on everything. I know there will be travel involved in order to get away from the restricted lower counties.

    I am located in Rockland, about 30-40min north of NYC.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Both Black Rock and Monroe/Chester clubs run steel plate matches that are open to the public.

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    If you go on steelchallenge.com you can find all of your local clubs that offer steel challenge matches. I went to my first match a few months ago and really enjoyed myself and everyone was super helpful. Make sure to go to the website to read and understand the rules before going and know the kind of equipment you will need. The requirements for equipment are minimal but the more magazines the better (5 being ideal) and a holster is pretty much all you need. Youtube videos were also helpful for me to understand the sport and how it works. Shoot straight and don't let your brain outrun your gun!

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    I also frequent the same places that Alistair is talking about. For myself the Steel Challenge matches are more geared for fast semi accurate shooting. The plates appear large to my eyes and are fairly easy to hit in a fast controlled manner. The Monroe Chester matches are more accuracy oriented with a Texas star, plate racks, hostage plate racks, poppers, and swinging targets depending on centerfire or rimfire competitions. Both are very fun and you get to meet men and women who have similar interests. You can find information from both clubs websites.

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