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I was happy to see Russell Crowe win the competition. He was my favorite contestant by far from the start.
I'd have to agree; I didn't like the stupid alliance at the end, but from what I remember Chris Reed felt the same way. I just didn't want George to win; yeah, he's a bad-ass sniper and it was awesome to see him make a thousand-yard shot in 31 seconds with a single bullet. But he came across as SUCH an *******. Wasn't it him that said there's a difference between confidence and cockiness? (or maybe I heard it elsewhere) The supposed shot that he 'threw'.. does it make up for his previous actions and comments? Hell no, but he does get a little bit of respect for it. Although on the other hand, he DID come to compete..

The nerf battle in the 'Behind the Bullet' episode looked cool as hell, I'm surprised they were able to have a friendly shoot-out like that. Just goes to show that for all the drama you see on TV, there's a lot of drama (and camaraderie) that we don't see.

I would have liked to apply for Top Shot but I'd be the Jay Lim for that season; lots of reading on the subject, little practical experience. (thank you NYS, <censored>)