Hello, hopefully thereís some other C&R guys here.

I am hoping to get into a light C&R collection, and have some questions. Most of what I want is low-hanging fruit - wheel guns, single-stack autos, and old internal magazine service rifles. Think Webleys, Colt Pocket Hammerless, and M1 Garand, and you get the idea.

but my reading of the wildly varying stuff I find from multiple places online got me wondering about some edge cases. Further on down the line, I think an M1 Carbine would be a fun toy. Some sources say the 30-round mags are covered by C&R, others not so much owing to some newer little things chambered in that round also using the M1 Carbine mags. Would I also still be legally bound to never load up more than 10 rounds? Or, how about pre-1899 handguns, AKA ATF antiques? Do the same FFL delivery restrictions still apply, and would I have to paper, say, an 1870s S&W Model 3 as I would have to a brand new Glock?

Iím not expecting anybody to be comfortable giving me a final word on this, so if you know any good reading I could do, Iíd also welcome you to point me towards it. Thanks.