Yearly DEC idiot roundup

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    Default Yearly DEC idiot roundup

    click link to see everyone that was busted

    DEC police ticket dozens for deer poaching |

    DEC police officers recently ended their main enforcement initiative in the Finger Lakes region for the illegal taking of deer during the regular hunting season.

    Major Steve Gerould said the officers worked hard during the past several weeks to target illegal deer hunting. Their primary focus was aimed at those shooting at night with the use of an artificial light -- a practice commonly known as deer jacking.

    “The vast majority of hunters pursue and take game legally,” said Major Gerould. “We work closely with the sporting community to educate individuals on safe and legal hunting practices to try and stop them from illegally taking game to the detriment of wildlife populations and the legal efforts of honest hunters.”

    Below is a list of some of the individuals ticketed for violating New York’s Environmental Conservation Laws.

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    Quite the list, and thats only a small portion of the state, Yikes

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    A couple of those are kind of ridiculous. I know you're supposed to tag your deer as soon as you get it (and I do), but giving someone a criminal record for it seems kind of ridiculous.

    It is crazy how a woman got a ticket for letting her dog run at large on a land inhabited by deer. Isn't pretty much all land inhabited by deer? I've seen them downtown before.

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    I wish there was a little leeway on the sunrise to sunset law, say 15 minutes either way. Still plenty of light and that's when the deer move.
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