I'm New to Kydex Holsters, Need Guidance

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Thread: I'm New to Kydex Holsters, Need Guidance

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    Default I'm New to Kydex Holsters, Need Guidance

    I'm New to Kydex Holsters, Need Guidance

    I recently purchased a OWB Kydex holster from RawDog. When it arrived retention was extremely loose. After tightening retention screws the firearm still falls out with a few strong shakes. In addition, there is no "audible" click or locking when the firearm is inserted. I'm told by a local holster maker not all kydex holsters give an "audible" click/lock--- so long as the firearm is retained its sufficient. Still, I feel I should have good retention and like the "reset click" of a good trigger I seem to prefer (and feel its better retention) if an audible click/lock is present.

    1. Can anyone offer any feedback on this (audible click)
    2. (what makes good retention) is is normal for firearm to be able to be so easily dislodged from a kydex holster?
    3. Any good kydex or Hybrid recommendations Under $45 ish or less?

    M&P Bodyguard .380 w / Integral laser
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    I have two kydex holsters and both click or "lock" once the pistol is inserted completely. The kydex should be molded from using an exact replica of your firearm so when the formed kydex moves around your trigger guard that's where it will "lock." Id recommend forest city tactical but i don't think they are in business any more.
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    An audible click should be heard when inserting the firearm into the kydex holster though a click doesn't guarantee retention. I believe you should be able to turn the holster upside down and the firearm should not fall out with minimal movement (at least for polymer framed carry guns, I can't speak to revolvers or 1911's). Some kydex holsters are adjustable for retention with screws and rubber bushings. My experience with kydex holsters is with OWB holsters so other people may have different advice or recommendations. My OWB holsters are blade-tech holsters which I personally would recommend if you find what you like at your price point but I have also heard great things about Red Hill Tactical holsters.
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    I have an AlienGear and a Fobus that I purchased on Amazon. Both work well, and I would reccomend either. Though the folks at AlienGear have amazing customer service. Definitely check them out.
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    Why don't you ask Raw Dog to fix it? Kydex holsters should retain your pistol without it falling out

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    I have a click and excellent retention with my Kydex. You may have bad adjustment or just plain a bad holster to gun fit.

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