Stop! Does Your Thread Belong In General Firearms?

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    Default Stop! Does Your Thread Belong In General Firearms?

    I've been finding lately a lot of threads created in General Firearms that belongs in one of the other forums. General Firearms is for any post that doesn't fit into a more-specific forum. If your post is only about one type of gun, it belongs in the corresponding forum.

    Examples of topics that belong in General Firearms:
    • Should I buy a rifle or a shotgun?
    • Where is a good gun store in my area?
    • The price of ammunition - Wrong. It was pointed out correctly this should go in the Ammunition & Reloading forum

    Examples of topics that should NOT go in General Firearms:
    • Anything about a law or proposed law (Should go in Laws & Politics)
    • Anything about AR-15s (Should go in The AR-15)
    • Anything about Rifles (Should go in Rifles)
    • What holster should I get? (Should go in Gear & Accessories)

    Basically, you want your topic in the most specific forum that it fits in. Thanks for your help in keeping the forum organized!
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