Monroe County Resident Looking for Answers

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    Default Monroe County Resident Looking for Answers

    Good Day Everyone,

    I'm currently going through the application process for my CC. I have a Criminal Trespass 2nd and Assault 3 on my record. This happened 9 years ago. My question is simply, will I get denied because of those convictions? I'd hate to pay for this process and get denied.

    All responses are welcomed!


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    I think it's a toss-up.

    Given that, I recommend that you do not apply. My reasoning is this: if you get denied, that can follow you forever. Some states use previous denials in any other state as a reason to deny you a permit from their state. As such, if you are at reasonable risk for denial, you need to be willing to fight any potential denial with a lawyer.

    Since you're concerned about the cost of the application process, I"m guessing you do not have thousands laying around to pay for a lawyer. As such, I consider applying to be too much of a risk to your gun rights. My recommendation is to start saving up some dough. When you've saved up $5k, find a lawyer and have them primed and ready to go - you only have 30 days to appeal a denial. Then, apply and see what happens.
    Anything stated in the above post is my personal opinion and should not be construed as legal advice.


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