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Thread: NY never quits..

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    Default NY never quits..

    With the legislature well underway in Albany, the threats against your Second Amendment freedoms are popping up so fast we can hardly get the information out to you fast enough.
    Governor Cuomo and his America-hating radicals in the legislature are determined to demonize, harass and criminalize gun owners like you and me any way they can.
    Nothing else but a blinding hatred for gun owners and the freedoms we care about could explain the type of legislation that we are seeing filed in the Capitol right now.
    But it’s not just the Democrats who we must watch.
    Insiders are reporting that the deal-making is already underway, as Cuomo’s allies are desperately trying to get a handful of Republicans to support these bills. If they do, they hope to fast track these bills through the legislature, claiming bi-partisan support.
    It wouldn’t be the first time.
    In fact, this is standard operating procedure in Albany, as the SAFE ACT in 2013 and the ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law that passed in 2019 only did so once back-stabbing Republicans agreed to support it.
    And that’s why it’s essential that you sign the petitions that we have prepared for you against these bills, insisting that the politicians in Albany oppose these attacks on gun owners -- or feel the heat at election time.
    You see, if the Democrats in swing districts -- not to mention the moderate Republicans who may be tempted to back this legislation, know that gun owners are watching their every move, we can still shut down this gun control legislation!
    As you’ll see, the petitions that we’ve prepared for you insists that your State Senator and State Assemblyman vote against each and every one of the gun control bills that have been filed in Albany, including:
    *** Senator Saunders legislation (S-1606) which would require gun owners to submit to a mental health exam every time you go to buy a firearm!
    This would allow Governor Cuomo to weaponize the state’s mental health personnel, and use them to go after his political opponents, just like dictators throughout the 20th Century did!

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    Thanks for posting but petitions do nothing. The republicans in NYS are liberals and the democrats are communists. They have full control with or without the Republican bipartisan support. The liberals can do as they please. Biden will pack the court or get to choose 3 justices in my opinion. The court will be liberal and this will not be overturned.
    Mental health professionals will refuse to do these because the qualified immunity will disappear. This will end new gun ownership in NYS. Nothing we do will prevent this. It’s a money grab.
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