Personal Defense Network DVD titled "Carbine Combatives and Retention" with Chris Fry

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    Default Personal Defense Network DVD titled "Carbine Combatives and Retention" with Chris Fry

    "Just because we possess a piece of gear does not mean that we are proficient with that piece of gear".

    This is a quote used by Chris Fry, with whom I've had the pleasure of being a student in several classes that he offers. This quote comes directly from his Personal Defense Network DVD titled "Carbine Combatives and Retention". If you've ever taken a class with Chris, you know how well he teaches to every student in the room, from beginners to experienced shooters. Chris's teaching method comes through in this easy to follow and use DVD. The material presented by Chris is laid out in an easily understood and retained method.

    I agree that we may not be proficient in every scenario with the firearms we use to defend ourselves. Whether it be in public or in the comfort of our own home, the firearm we choose to defend ourselves or our family should be familiar to us. It should also ideally be a defensive tool beyond its shooting-capability.

    Chris starts the video with some examples of why you need to add these tools to your skill set. He then describes the different strengths and weakness of various gear you may choose for your carbine. This is a great start to the training session since it assesses the carbine you may own or may want to purchase.

    From here we move into C.O.R.R. which stands for Clamp, Orient, Ram and Retract. This segment teaches you how to execute this maneuver and retain your carbine from the threat that you are facing. Rob Pincus (the founder of I.C.E. Training) comes in and helps Chris show the student how to execute all of the info presented. The addition of Rob not only gives this video the feature of a second well spoken, respected and knowledgeable trainer but also shows the student at home how to practice these drills safely with a partner.

    Many practical demonstrations follow - such as retention drills, alternative strikes and fending. He then presents integrating a response with a handgun and how to retain and use both weapon systems.

    The content presented in this DVD imparts crucial skills to all of us who have a carbine incorporated into our home protection plan. For those of you have taken a high-quality class from a knowledgeable instructor, you will immediately see the value of this DVD. I have now watched and practiced the drills in this DVD about a dozen times and plan to practice them quite often. For those students who do not own a blue gun or other training tool, Chris presents a bonus segment where he explains how he built his training padded carbine. I highly recommend that if you possess a carbine for your home protection plan, then you should also possess the skills that Chris Fry presents in this video.

    This video can be found on Chris's website here: MDTS COURSE REGISTRATION

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    Nice review Jim! I'm going to add a link to this to the blog post!

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