NRA-ILA: Wayne LaPierre: The World Lost One of its Brightest Stars

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    Exclamation NRA-ILA: Wayne LaPierre: The World Lost One of its Brightest Stars

    The world knew Charlie Daniels as a wizard with a fiery fiddle.**A legendary musician.**A true American icon.**But, to his NRA family, Charlie was all that and a lot more.**We knew and loved Charlie as an outspoken patriot whose passion for freedom was unparalleled. Charlie didnít just preach about values ó he lived them every day. A proud NRA Life Member and lifelong Second Amendment supporter who performed at countless NRA events, and courageously spoke out for freedom every chance he got.**The world lost one of its brightest stars.**Our country grieves for a true patriot.**Our NRA family mourns the loss of a brother.**Rest in Peace, Charlie.?


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    I had the privilege of meeting Charlie Daniels at SUNY Geneseo when I was there. We went to the local hotel to “borrow” ice for our pre-concert dorm party. We saw the bus and just had to take a look. Well, some guy came on behind us and offered to show us around. I introduced myself and asked him his name. He got a big grin on his face and said, “my name’s Charlie Daniels”! Holy crap! Well, he gave us a shout out during the concert and showed up at our after party for a beer. Great guy and great human being. I’ll miss him. Cabo Diablo.


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