Upgraded Crap Is Still CRAP

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    Default Upgraded Crap Is Still CRAP

    ObamaCare Website Crashes When CNN Tests Upgraded Version | NewsBusters

    "A really funny thing happened Sunday morning when the folks at CNNís New Day tried to open a health insurance account at the newly upgraded ObamaCare website.

    It crashed."
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    I heard a joke on The Daily Show yesterday about how it isn't a failure for government, because the private sector could not do any better. Their example was the madness on Black Friday.

    This is an example of argument that is easy to believe, but doesn't stand up to any scrutiny. The Black Friday madness is the fault of our current society. One might even say the excess money might come from entitlement programs, but that is a separate issue. Anyway, my counter is: "Imagine if Black Friday was run by the government." You'd have your tramplings, and tazings, and stabbings, given the current human nature, but the gigantic, GLARING difference that they forgot to mention is: NOW YOU'D BE FORCED TO PARTICIPATE!
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    They're going to be fixing this for the next 2 and a half years . Bamma aint gonna just lay down . His name is all over this monstrosity, Its his baby.

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