Nys pistol permit rejected today

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    Default Nys pistol permit rejected today

    My pistol permit got rejected today after 3months ... long story short I had an investigation 5-10years ago, where I admitted selling drugs when I was younger..Never got charged for it. It was only a ‘statement’. I have zero criminal record of any misdemeanor or felony’s.
    I Got a real job and don’t even do drugs anymore (hair test)
    but I’ve bought rifles since then fine no problem.
    Will a denied pistol permit show up in a background check if I go buy a rifle now? And now this statement having me admit to selling drugs? Even though I’ve never been charged? Is it public record?
    Thank you guys

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    Well as we know, the licensing officer has a very wide berth to deny. In this case you were denied based on character and not on criminal record. This is common and falls well within the laws as something they are authorized to do. You could challenge it and get a lawyer and go to drug counseling etc. but there is no guarantee of a reversal. You would almost certainly loose. This is as cut and dry as it gets.

    Now to answer your other questions -

    You will still be able to buy rifles. This denial is separate from a NICS check to buy a firearm. There are laws that federally prohibit persons who use or are addicted to drugs from owning firearms but we won't get into that right now. Just be careful you are answering the questions on the 4473 truthfully, as each lie on that form carries a 10 year felony charge.

    It is likely your statement is on public record, especially if it was introduced into court proceedings. It's obviously listed somewhere as the investigators had no trouble finding it.

    Sorry to hear of your outcome but some things will stick with us forever even if we've moved on or tried to forget. As a licensing officer you would likely not want any part of putting a gun into the hands of an admitted drug dealer either, even though it was some years ago.

    On the bright side you sound like you got your problems squared away and are holding down a job so my advice is to focus on that and to keep your head down and out of trouble. If all is still going well in 5 years maybe try applying again.

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    Or move to a constitutional carry State.


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