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    Hi all, I've moved here for about a year now, but the question of how to actually get my pistol permit is one I've kept avoiding. Namely because of the circumstance.
    Four references, all have to be in Columbia County. This is really irking me because even despite Covid, I've met ex-cops and gun nuts and the like who'd sign me off, but none from my own county. Even when I've made good friends who I find out are anti-gun, the'yre not from my county. There's no reason to even approach the topic gently and get their help. My immediate neighbors don't seem like pro-gun types, and because of quarantine they never show themselves for any actual conversation on the matter. Whoever picked up the phone when we first got here even had the pleasure of sassing us about how they had no idea how we'd find our four people.

    I'm just curious, is there no community outreach for this? This has seemed like a process built to integrate you into community trust, and failing that, it just seems demoralizing. I love this area and my new home, but we're hardly in a place where we can rely on instant police intervention. Should I just look into hanging around local gun ranges? Am I just stuck relying on my magnanimous personality and good looks?

    In all seriousness, is there anywhere I can actually approach that understands this plight? I'm not asking for free references here, I'd just like the opportunity to befriend people who'll actually help me keep my family safe.

    As I'm new and I'm unsure of how moderation works here, btw, I'll add that I've looked up the relevant threads on here. They don't help much.

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    You should be able to get approval from your police agency who will be conducting your background investigation to use references from out of county. Reach out to them and get it in writing. Include this letter with your completed application.

    I would strongly avoid approaching neighbors and bringing this topic up. You don't know their views and do not want them knowing you have or intend to get guns. Neighbors can cause problems even down the road if something changes or they get mad at you. (Hi 911 I just saw my neighbor outside waving his gun around).

    On that note, be very very careful choosing and asking people to be references. It's not something you just want to ask someone whom you don't know well. I've heard of people saying yes but then telling the investigator that they don't really want to do it and they don't think you (or anyone) should have a gun. Be very careful here. If your references are unstable like this they will get you denied.

    As far as hanging around gun clubs good luck. The people I know who belong to them say they do not allow non-members due to COVID.

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    I'm not sure if it helps any - but to reiterate what Smitty said, they might be willing to accept references from other areas. My basis for saying this is that I live in Westchester, and the requirement used to be 4 references that lived in county. Recently, this changed to 4 references from anywhere (although it is encouraged to have references as close to the county you live in as possible). Of course as he stated, it would be a good idea to get in writing that Dutchess will accept these references. I hope it works out for you.

    Regarding neighbors.. try to feel them out regarding their views.. maybe see if they hunt, how they feel about other topics that will get you closer to their views on firearms without directly asking them. This was the hardest part for me, but I found that several friends I've had that I thought would be very anti gun turned out to be very pro 2A. That being said, be careful, because if some crazy new red flag laws get passed, the less people know you own a firearm the better.


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