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    Hi and thanks for having me, this website has been a wealth of valuable information. I applied for a restricted permit on 9/06/2020 and received a letter in the mail from Judge Cawley asking me to schedule an in person meeting with his office at my convenience as "certain issues" have arisen he believes it will help him in making his determination. I called the chambers to schedule and was told that due to COVID, they weren't allowing any in person meetings for pistol permits and was tentatively scheduled for next month in hopes that this would change by then. Now I'm left sitting here for at least a month to ponder what in the world was wrong with my application. I've never been arrested, have a state job, and even ordered an unsealed copy of my criminal background from DCJS to make sure I wasn't missing/forgetting anything and indeed received a "no criminal history" response. Just looking for any advice or insight anyone has as it relates to these type of meetings. Thanks in advance!
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