My dad left me his Smith & Wesson Model 43 a few years ago, and I've had it to the range a number of times. It's a fun little wheelgun, but I've found that it doesn't run well with most modern ammunition. FTF in one or more chambers, and difficulty ejecting spent cartridges.

My gunsmith checked it out for me and said there's nothing wrong with it, it's just that it was made to use the ammunition that was available back in its day (serial number indicates that my particular example is from around 1968), and modem .22 ammunition, especially premium ammunition, may have thicker brass than the older ammo did. He suggested trying standard velocity ammunition instead of the high-velocity ammo that I tend to favor.

When I brought the 43 back to the range again recently, I tried a wide variety of ammo in it, and found that it only did well with CCI Clean Subsonic (blue polymer coated), and CCI Short (it definitely ran best with the short). Has anyone else run into this with an older .22 handgun?