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Thread: PLACES TO SHOOT in Westchester NY?

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    Compufxr, Davis Sports is not a favorite for many people because the range officers
    tells you when you have 5 minutes left and lets you know it's almost time to go.
    He doesn't let you stay a minute longer when your time is up even when the range is empty.
    Blue Mountain, Coyne and Master Class do not, they let you stay longer if no one is waiting.

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    Your options are slim to none. Aside from NYC, Westchester is probably the next worst place for finding a place to shoot in the state. However, you still have a few options. The best one in my opinion is going to any one of the numerous ranges in Northeastern PA that are open to the public (used to be free but now requires a $30 annual pass). Still a great deal in my opinion. Other option are a similar set of ranges located throughout NJ which I think are free, but are best advised to be avoided because you know, they are in NJ. The biggest issue with NYS shooting ranges (particularly downstate) is that there are no public ranges whatsoever. In addition, the ranges that do exist are privately owned and charge exorbitant fees and/or memberships. One user pointed out Blue Line Tactical. I checked out their website and the fees they have the nerve to charge are absolutely nauseating. PA is absolutely your best bet. The ranges are well maintained, have areas for all kinds of firearms, and are typically not too crowded except maybe in the summer. I have gone dozens of times and I would say it is well worth the drive.

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    Luckily there are actually a few ranges open to the public in Westchester compared to Putnam. As mentioned above you have:

    Blue Line Tactical- Elmsford
    Blue Mountain State Park- Courtland (Outdoor)
    Pioneer Shooting Center/R T Smoke and Gun Shop- Mt. Vernon
    Coyne Park- Yonkers

    Outside of Westchester:

    Wooster Mountain- Danbury
    Paliden Center- Carmel

    My personal favorite is Coyne Park perfect for someone just looking to try out their new handgun. You can also use a carbine or .22 rifle as well. They say they sell ammo there my advice bring your own:
    1. It's cheaper
    2. They rarely have any in stock from my experience.

    Lastly the Sportsperson restriction goes as follows: "Firearm may be carried while actually engaged in the sport relatedactivities of Target Shooting, Hunting, Hiking, Camping and Fishing, or travelingthereto and therefrom" this was taken off the Putnam App, Westchester I'd imagine is the same, but they do offer a guide somewhere. As someone mentioned above it would be best to check range policy first before walking in locked and loaded.

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    Has anyone been to RISE shooting range in Rockland County?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KentGoldings View Post
    The guys a teddy bear when people listen and follow the rules. I love the guy. He's forgotten more about shooting than most people will ever know.
    I agree, but I haven't seen him there lately. He was always very good to me and he was very helpful. There's a new guy there now and he's not as accommodating but he doesn't bother you unless you are doing something wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiak12 View Post
    I've been to Blue Mountain four times. Three bad experiences caused by dickish ROs. One good experience.

    Wooster Mountain is good for rifle but you I don't think you can can bring your pistol into CT.

    Blueline is expensive.

    There are some pretty reasonably priced private clubs in Putnam and Orange. If you go shooting ten times a year, I think they would be worth it. I joined one and I think it worked out pretty well.
    I know this is an old thread, but I was there a few months ago to sight in a new 6.5CM rifle. They asked what range I wanted and I told them 100y to sight in, then move the the 200y lanes.

    I got

    "How are yuh gonna hit anything at 200y if yer rifle ain't sighted? HUR HUR HUR"

    I also asked them to put a Shoot N See target up for me and they looked at me like I somehow offended them.

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    I went the Pioneer Shooting Center in Mt. Vernon a couple of weekends ago. It was busy, with lots of first time shooters. We had to wait about 15 minutes. It didn't feel unsafe as they had a lot of range officers help the newbies out. The ventilation was pretty good which is an issue at a lot of ranges. I would go back.
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