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    I don't know if this is in the correct subforum or not. Just to sum a lot up quickly. I live in lower NY and my pistol application is processing for Rockland County. That being said, me being a soon to be first time handgun owner, I've been traveling over to north NJ with a friend to shoot at GunForHire. (in ny state, ranges will not allow you to rent/shoot handgun without license, at least in lower NY that is the case. NJ is based off of the buddy system.)

    I've been shooting various handguns to get feeling, see what I like more, etc. Some I am more accurate with than others. But the main purpose of this post.

    I am left handed. I started to notice that I would pick up focus much quicker with my right eye if I left both eyes open. IE: Looking down the sights and the left image (right eye) would come in focus 1st and I would have to force my sight to re-adjust to the right image (left eye).

    My accuracy is pretty decent for a novice shooter.

    Being right eye dominant, I'd like to also train using my non dominant hand for that extra skillset, but I feel so much more comfortable with the firearm in my left hand.

    My question is has anyone had any training in trying to strengthen their non dominant eye? And if so how to go about that?

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    Hey, I am just the opposite. I am left eye dominant and right handed. I have not mastered both eyes aiming and am no expert. I find that turning my head slightly to align my eye on the site works. I am sure there are others who may have a better answer but this is what works for me. Good luck.

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    I'm right handed and left eye dominant. I move the handgun about 2,5" across my face when I'm punched out and it sits in front of me left eye. Very minor shift and it's the way I've always done it.

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