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    Just sharing because I am farely new to handguns, I've only been shooting them for a few weeks.

    I took GunForHire's Basic Pistol 1 course in Woodland Park NJ yesterday morning. Does not require a pistol license or ownership of a fire arm, everything is provided. It was $185 and is booked about a month in advance, a little longer if expecting a weekend date. It is about a 5 hour class with 2 or 3 small breaks. It also meets the requirements for Florida CCW. They offer a ton of "cool" classes like Urban defense and stuff along those lines with movement shooting, cover firing, holster draw, low light/no light etc. For most of them, you need to complete their basic pistol course and then each class follows in progression so one class would be the prerequisite for the next class.

    I took it mainly because I am still a few months out from obtaining my pistol permit for Rockland County (hopefully). I want to take the correct approach and learn and train properly with the firearm.

    Obviously the class is geared more towards NJ residents and their state laws, however they do give you a lot of useful information. Proper stance, proper grip, shooting techniques, proper range techniques, eye dominance. What to do in the event of a jamb, or slow burn. What to do in the event of a squib jamb and how to know if you have one etc. Time frame of real-life situations. IE: It takes 1.6 seconds for a culprit to close a 21 foot distance and a professional/long time gun shooter can take 1.5 avg seconds to draw from a holster and fire. When to keep a fire arm in double or single action. Training with safeties and learning the muscle memory for that safety so on and so forth.

    Covers composition of both revolvers and semi-automatics. Composition of the ammunition. Single-action, double action, striker fire etc. Proper breakdowns and cleaning.

    You also get a brief 1 on 1 with an instructor in the range to end the class where you fire around 10-15 rounds with a revolver (not sure of the model), and then 25-30 with a Glock 19.

    My revolver work was alright, the double action shots were a little more spread. My single action shots were grouped within 2" at 5 yards.

    My semi-auto shots were dead center at 5 yrds. He asked if I already owned a gun. When I said no, he asked if how long I've been shooting. I told him on and off for a few weekends. He pushed out to 7 yrds and and I stood within the same 2" grouping. He told me I was really good for my experience and said to keep up with everything I am doing and keep up with the training.

    My thoughts are the class were that it was worth it. Even though I couldn't ask some questions in relation to NY laws, the $185 seemed worth it to have the opportunity to take the more advance classes down the road. There is one more class, "Next Step Pistol" which is the only other course which you do not need a license or own your own fire arm for. So until my permit goes through, its the only other course I can take there.
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    Very nice write up Thank you

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