Best lasertraining devices.

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    Default Best lasertraining devices.

    Curious as to what real people have to say about the laser training tools. What have you used? Like, dislike. Thanks for any feedback. Laser ammo, laserlyte, surestrike.
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    I have not bought any, but like you I am looking. It seems the advantage goes to double action semi with second strike capability. A striker fired or single action you must manually rack the slide for each shot of the laser. Maybe this is ok for timed drill of draw from holster and take one shot. There are some very pricey options out there that run on propane, but I could buy an older Smith 5906 for same or less money.
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    I have both a SIRT Pistol & Coolfire. Without a doubt they are both great training devices. I find the Coolfire a much more realistic way to train. SIRT has its limitation mostly the trigger is so different. With that said I use the LASR software & the weighted mags that I got with the sirt pistol with the Coolfire for better training. It is really fun way to train in your house & very productive.

    I have also used the MantisX with great results. Though not a laser.

    Another laser option is iTarget I have given 2 of those as gifts. Far less expensive than SIRT or Coolfire but I would highly recommend using it the LASR software for actually training even with the iTarget. The courses of fire are unlimited with LASR.

    There are scaled down targets all over my house and my wife actually tolerates it. Lol.

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